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Lack Vs Abundance

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The world’s system is based on lack. In that system there is always a limited amount of resources. The cursed worldly economy runs on supply and demand. The more in demand something is, the higher price someone can get for selling that thing.

The earth cursed system is like a cake. There is only so much of it and if I take some then there is less left for you to have. That leads to greed where people try to get as much of the cake as they can.

In contrast the heavenly system is based on abundance. God is extravagant and blesses his children far over and above what they need so that they can in turn be a blessing to others.

John said it this way: “From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.” John 1:16

In the Kingdom of God we don’t receive because of our need or lack. Instead we receive because of God’s overwhelming abundance. One of the names of God is El Shaddai, which speaks of his abundant provision for us. In fact, Jesus said that what we give away it will be given back to us so that it overflows our capacity to receive it (Luke 6:38).

If the Kingdom of God is like a cake then it’s like an ever expanding cake that constantly gets bigger and bigger. There it doesn’t matter what size slice of cake I take because it in no way reduces the amount of cake available for you to have from God’s extravagant supply. In the Kingdom of God there is no lack, only abundance.

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