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Our story is a testimony to the supernatural power and blessings of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Andrew was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is married to Mona and has three amazing children - Jeremiah, Bethany and Elijah. Due to the distressing and relentless persecution of Egyptian people who follow the Christian faith, Andrew's family decided to move to Australia in 1989. Andrew comes from a very strong Christian family and was influenced significantly by his Grandfather, Pastor Anis Hanna, who was a faithful leader and church planter in Upper Egypt. Pastor Anis was renowned for his leadership skills, love for the Lord and commitment to the Christian faith until the day he departed to be with the Lord on 24 May 2017. He left an enduring legacy and planted a seed in Andrew, from a young age, to serve the King of Kings with all of his heart, regardless of the cost.


Andrew is a pharmacist by trade and operates a chain of pharmacies in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach (Sydney’s iconic beach and suburb). He also operates multiple online pharmaceutical sites that supply medications nationally. Andrew specialises in the supply of world class pharmaceutical services and equipment to aged care facilities throughout Sydney. God supernaturally blessed him and his wife Mona with a multimillion dollar contract to supply services to these facilities, without him even applying for it. He always says that "God will not give you what you pray for; God will give you what you can manage for Him".


At a time when Andrew had limited funds, God also blessed him through the supernatural provision of finance for the purchase of a multi-million dollar development site in the heart of Bondi Beach.  Spurred by an entrepreneurial spirit within him, Andrew brought to fruition some high rise residential developments. He gives all the glory to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the name above all other names.


Andrew believes in, and has experienced, the Almighty's hand in all of his personal and business finances. He believes that God is an incubator of our finances, even when we think they are running dry. Supernatural incubation takes place in his presence!  When Jesus turned the water into wine in John 2:2, the Bible never mentions that Jesus prayed over the jars that were filled to the brim.  Rather, supernatural incubation took place by His mere presence. One of Andrew's passionate concepts is that God is an incubator for whatever you trust him with: He will Bless it, Increase it, Multiply it and Change its form to bless you and others around you.


In 2015, Andrew experienced the supernatural hand of God when he was healed from a chronic inflammatory condition that threatened to impair his capacity to move, walk, talk or even write.  Although Andrew is a pharmacist by trade and respects modern medicine, he boldly proclaims that JESUS IS THE BEST AND GREATEST DOCTOR - THE ONLY COMPLETE HEALER IN THIS UNIVERSE!  Hence, the origin of the name ‘SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY’. 


Andrew and Mona are passionate about replicating Kingdom Leadership in Business through Supernatural Ministry. The essence of their approach is to equip the Body of Christ, individuals and businesses with Kingdom finance principles to fund and resource the Kingdom. It is not unusual for life-changing moments to occur supernaturally during the Impartation Session of the seminars, resulting in transformed lives. Andrew and Mona believe they have been called and appointed by God to impart financial freedom over individuals and businesses that seek to advance the glorious and perfect Kingdom of God.

our team

Andrew Hanna

Entrepreneur, Pharmacist, Developer, Christian Mentor, Businessman, Leader and Gifted Public Speaker.

Mona Hanna

Entrepreneur, Naturopath, Christian Mentor, Leader, Businesswoman and Gifted Communicator

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