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Kingdom Driven in the Marketplace

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Kingdom Driven in the Marketplace When it comes to being a business owner, you can be driven or led by a variety of things. Some business owners are driven by profits, accolades, power, passion, or freedom and flexibility, but the Bible shows us that to experience God’s best, we should be driven by the Kingdom of God and led by the Spirit of God. As a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, your entrepreneurship is motivated by seeing an increase of the Kingdom of God on Earth, and it is propelled forward by seeking first the Kingdom of God. Isn’t it such an honor and a privilege to know that the Creator of the Universe, the only One who sees all and knows all is interested in partnering with you in your business? He desires to create with you, guide you, provide for you, and draw you (and others) closer to Him. When you are a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, it is certainly not business as usual. Your business is fully yielded to God (CEO and business partner) and led by the Holy Spirit (Chief Operating Officer). You allow Jesus to be Lord of your entrepreneurial journey. You align with God’s dream for your enterprise and seek His heart for the people you serve and cross paths with, in the marketplace. Once you have made a decision to be Kingdom driven, you simply will not be able to imagine doing business without partnering with the presence of an awesome and limitless God.

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