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God is a God of Increase

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

God is a God of increase.

Anytime there is a blessing, there will always be increase. And we need to understand that mentality. We need to get delivered from small mentality. Let’s get an increase mentality. Growth, increase and expansion are what God is about. We have to begin to look for the increase that comes with the blessing of God. Just thinking, “As long as I’m going to heaven,” is not exponential thinking. That is not Kingdom. That is not God. That is a mentality we need to break. If you can’t handle increase, you can’t handle God.

When people with small mentality see increase, they say “That can’t be God.” They don’t have a mentality of increase. Their spirit doesn’t even believe in increase. When increase comes, they get nervous. They can’t handle it. It’s too much. So for us to be ready to receive the increase, God has to do something inside of us. He has to break mind-sets that are small and limited. He has to give us Kingdom mentality. We talk about blessing, but the truth is that with blessing comes increase.

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