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You Carry god's presence

You Carry God's Presence There is a good reason why Moses said to the Lord, “If your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here” before leading the Israelites to the land God promised. He understood that it was God’s presence that made the difference. He knew that it was God’s presence that would distinguish them from everyone else on the earth.

The presence of God brings peace; one that surpasses all understanding and guards your heart and mind, independent of your outward circumstances. With the presence of Almighty God, you can live without fear because He is greater than anything you face in the world. God has made YOU a carrier of His presence. You are a carrier of His glory. You are a carrier of His fire. This is true even if you are not called to the office of an apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, or evangelist in the church. You are a Kingdom entrepreneur, and God desires to use you mightily in the marketplace to bring His transforming presence.

There is an entire world that is hungry and crying out for an encounter with God and to know that He is real. He wants His glory in all the earth and will use you in the most amazing and spontaneous ways to draw people to Him. Are you willing to yield yourself to Him and enjoy the adventure of Christ centered and Holy Spirit-led business?

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