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God's Favour, timing and how he promotes

God’s Favor, Timing & how He Promotes

As a business owner it can be tempting to force progress by working excessively or knocking down doors that God has closed for your protection. After all, you’ve been working so hard at your business and it’s time for your work to pay off, right? As a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, it’s key to know that God is your #1 promoter and you don’t need to elevate yourself. Sure, you can force things by grinding it out, and it can lead to promotion, elevation and increase; however, experiencing God’s best means allowing promotion to come from the Lord and His timing. What you force through your grind to create, you will have to maintain yourself. This easily leads to stress, pride and destruction across multiple areas of your life. God gets no glory from that, and you delay (or even worse forfeit) His best, which exceeds all you can ever ask, think or even imagine! On the other hand, where God gives favor and promotes you, He will sustain you. Not only that, but God will shine the light and compel others to get involved for your benefit. Your job is to work in excellence and diligence as unto the Lord, sowing seeds as you’re led. Those are seeds sown, and they will reap a harvest. While you're diligent in doing what you do in business, serving others to the glory of God and partnering with Him, you are going to be prepared and positioned for a God-kind of promotion. He will present opportunities, grant you favor, increase you, open doors that no man can shut and hand you the keys! Humble yourself under the mighty power of God, giving all of your worries and cares to Him. When you do, He will promote you and increase your territory and influence in His perfect timing (which is always better than your timing).

Questions for reflection and action: 1. In what areas of business, if any, have I been striving and trying to force things to happen with my own strength? 2. How have I recently seen the favor of God in my business, either in a small way or large way?

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